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About Our Programs

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Sports and Games

We offer a variety of well-known sports and games, as well as, some that are newer and lesser-known. Some of our sports: soccer, flag-football, spikeball, frisbee, kickball and many more! Children will learn the basics of these sports in a fun and exciting way that will spark a love of sports for years to come. Lessons are taught by experienced multi-faceted coaches, with a love for sports and a positive leadership presence.

Movement Training

We introduce our young athletes to practices that improve their athletic performance whether they are new to sport or well-versed. We cover many movement principles. It all starts with a proper warm-up and dynamic stretch routine. This routine readies an athlete for physical activity. Many skills and movements are taught in our sport and game sections. Every day finishes with a cool down and static stretching routine. This helps the body smoothly transition back to a resting state, increases flexibility and decreases stiffness. 

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Character Building

We spend time each day learning about the importance of strong values, morals, sportsmanship and leadership in a discussion setting and while doing activities. One main character building subject will be covered at the beginning of each day in the discussion period. Positive attitudes are encouraged throughout the program.

Diversification: To develop a well-rounded individual, it is important that they participate in many activities and multiple sports. 
-Sport For Life

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