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What we do?

Come join us for sports, games and fun! We will teach your child sport-related skills, introduce them to exercise principles and psychological behaviours that contribute to a healthy and successful life. We encourage children to venture outside their comfort zones in order to learn and progress. All of this is done in a fun, exciting and positive environment that encourages teamwork. Our camps foster the mentality of sportsmanship, friendly competition and enjoying the Greater Vancouver summer. Our coaches are knowledgeable about sports and life. They also serve as great role models outside of the school or home environment. Our philosophy is to coach by empowering and encouraging.

Group Program Contents

A Day With Us

At our camps, we play a few sports and games a day. For example: soccer, volleyball and spikeball could be the sports of the day. The main skills for each sport will be taught by demonstration and explanation then a few fun drills are done to work on these skills. The last section of each sport is a game situation or scrimmage. Each of the games we play in between sports are athletically based and easy to learn. The game is explained and demonstrated, then played for the remainder of the allotted time. The camps start with introductions and some fun icebreaker games. Icebreaker games are always good for a few laughs and give everyone a chance to get to know each other. Then we will discuss a mentality topic. That topic will be referenced, kept in mind and worked on throughout the day. A positive mindset in sport and life would be an example of a mentality topic. Next, we do a dynamic stretch and warm-up routine to prepare our bodies for action. We then cycle through our games and sports taking lots of water breaks and a snack break. Water is available all day. Fruit is provided at snack time. We finish the morning with a cool down, static stretches and a wrap-up discussion. The wrap-up includes talking about positive moments we all witnessed throughout the day.

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