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Personal Training

Personal Training

Why train with us?

We train individuals like athletes whose sport is their everyday life. That means we will achieve functional and health results that support your specific needs and life. That means we will improve your performance and lifestyle safely and without getting in the way of your many other commitments. That means everything we do together has a logical, definable reason behind it. With functional performance and health as a priority that does not mean we can not achieve your strength, weight loss, aesthetic, etc. goals. These factors are positive consequences of intentional training. Considering you an athlete does not mean that we will be yelling and chastising in the name of motivation. We want our sessions to feel like you are working out with a friend. Your friend just happens to know a thing or two about training. Fitness should be fun!


Zach Fafard  - DKin, CBus, BCRPA PT & GF

Zach's background in kinesiology and sports coaching gives him an edge over the average personal trainer and the ability to provide high-end fitness coaching at a competitive price. He enjoys helping people reach their goals and change their lifestyles through fitness, nutrition, and behaviour change. There are so many benefits of fitness beyond the visual.


Private Training Pricing

Initial assessment and consultation is free. Call today to book your risk free hour.

Per 1-hour Session
1 session
6 sessions
12 sessions


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