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In-School Programs

We want to have a positive impact on the next generations. We do this by getting them excited about sports and being active while giving them the skills to be comfortable doing so. We offer a fun addition to the BC curriculum that leaves children with new sport-related skills and improved physical literacy. Our programs consist of warmups, sport skill training, scrimmage gameplay, fun games, and cool downs. Throughout each session children will be introduced to or have the opportunity to practice fundamental movements, which will improve their overall physical literacy. We emphasize teamwork, respect, hard work, fair play, and fun.

  • Try new physical activities

  • Learn new sports skills

  • Improve physical literacy

  • A fun experience to remember

Benefits for the Students

Our Programs

Flag-football is growing in popularity and has been added to the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles. It is a fun, safer alternative to the well known contact version. Flag-football provides kids the opportunity to learn many of the same skills as football without the risks associated with a contact sport. 

Kids will learn: rules, throwing, catching, running with and without the ball, penalties, coverage, route running, offense, defense, strategy, and more.








Fencing is a historic sport that pairs a sport sword with high-speed strategic thinking and athleticism. We provide a safe environment for children to try and learn about épée fencing. It is a sport anyone can be good at if they put in the effort, so everyone can get something out of it no matter their body type.


Kids will learn: En garde position, movement in fencing position, footwork, lunge (attacks), parries (defense), strategy, problem solving (how to beat different opponents), controlling distance, and more.

Spikeball is a new and exciting sport that's easy to learn, yet hard to perfect. You might've seen it at Vancouver's beaches or parks. Spikeball is similar to volleyball but instead of hitting the ball over a net, a ball is hit onto a circular net. Two teams of two have 3 hits to hit the ball onto the net. Once play starts, players can move around freely, so the game is played in 360 degrees.

Kids will learn: rules, receiving, setting, spiking, passing, defense, offense, strategy, gameplay, serving and more.

Fitness is an important factor in overall health and wellness. We teach children the fundamentals of fitness safely and we make it fun. We want to provide children the skills they need to feel comfortable participating in fitness and physical activity. Of equal importance to us is giving them a fun and positive experience with fitness that encourages them to be excited to exercise, not dread doing it.


Kids will learn: body awareness, balance, power, speed, stability, agility, strength, flexibility, correct movement patterns, exercises for all muscle groups, how to use basic equipment, plyometrics, and more.

Additional Information

We value partnering with schools to bring our programs to children in the Lower Mainland. 

We aim to make working with us a smooth and simple experience so as not to add any hassle to already busy school schedules.

Our programs are modifiable to fit grades k-12 and can accommodate a wide range of skill and experience levels within the same session.

Our programs can be implemented during the assigned gym block of each division and/or be built into the school schedule in a flexible manner.

If one of these programs is something that you think would work well in your school, we can set up a meeting to discuss it in more detail. Feel free to reach out to me by email or phone with any questions you may have. Depending on the number of students and classes at your school and the amount of sessions you would like each class to have, we can discuss a program format that would suit your needs.

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