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COVID-19 Information

Guidance from the CDC for Parents and Caregivers

What’s the risk of COVID-19 for children and youth?


Very few children and youth get sick from COVID-19. In BC, children and youth have had much lower rates of COVID-19 than adults. If children and youth do get sick with COVID-19, they generally have mild symptoms. Parents and caregivers should focus on preventing the spread of COVID-19 between adults.


Some children and youth may have a higher chance of more serious symptoms if they get COVID-19. This includes children under 1 year of age, those with weakened immune systems and those with pre-existing lung conditions. Check with your healthcare provider if you have concerns. 


How can I protect my child and others from COVID-19?

It is your choice to send your child to day camp if:


  • They are healthy and not showing symptoms and 

  • Have not been identified by public health as a close contact to a positive case of COVID-19 and

  • Have finished their 14-day self-isolation period if they have travelled outside of Canada. 

Our Safety Measures

Social Distancing and Covid-19

The health and safety of family and staff is our number one priority. Highlighted below are the special safety measures we will be taking to comply with camp guidelines and provincial health orders. The day camp class sizes will be restricted to 12 participants and 2 coaches and the week-long camp class sizes will be limited to 16 participants and 2 coaches. In addition to strictly adhering to government-mandated processes, participants will be required to fill out a COVID-19 screening form in addition to our usual waiver, prior to class entry. At Zach's Athletics, we are making every effort to ensure your children are safe, heathy and have an unbelievable sports experience.


• All individuals including staff must be screened prior to entrance into the class/camp. This includes the online symptom screening and temperature check. The screening can be done online prior to the parent leaving the house or upon arrival.
• Alcohol-based sanitizer will be available and required for all participants to use before entering the class/ camp.
• Those who do not pass the screening will not be allowed to participate and there will be protocols in place for those who begin to feel unwell during the class/camp.
• Daily records will be kept of those who enter the class/camp to facilitate contact tracing.

Requirements for Health and Safety

• When possible, each participant will have their own equipment for the duration of the session.
• Most equipment will not be shared.
• Equipment will be cleaned and disinfected between each class.
• Participants will be encouraged to perform proper hand hygiene before and after class.
• Physical distancing of 3 meters will be adhered to.
• If coaches need to be within 3 meters they will wear a mask.
• Personal belongings should be kept to a minimum and will not be shared with other participants.
• Participants should bring their own sun protection, and if they are not able to apply themselves then it should be applied prior to the session or ensure it is a spray. 


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